Project Glocal Taipei Artist Residency




Biennale Jogja XII

Media/Art Kitchen

Media/Art Kitchen

Shanghai Biennale 2012!


back to Tokyo!

now showing new works & installations at Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

press release (pdf) here

an excerpt from the performance there

Ongoing & Upcoming

- Biennale Jogja XII Equator #2: NOT A DEAD END, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, November 16th 2013 - January 6th 2013
- Artist residency at Beirut for Biennale Jogja 2013, Cairo, Egypt, September - October 2013

Recently released!
- HSN04 ~ Bin Idris - Muqadimmah c34
- Edward Sol / Husnaan / Tidal / Sparkling Wide Pressure ~ Day’s Arc #2 c62 on Full Of Nothing, Russia
- Husnaan ~ Capturing Image Of The Eminent Incorrect Interpretation c36 on Avant Archive, US
- Husnaan ~ Recording Of Names And Misled Trains c37 on Rocket Machine, Australia

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