HSN03: Husnaan – Meturo c33

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HSN03: Husnaan – Meturo c33

inspired by & recorded during the recent BAR artist residency program in Tokyo—post-tsunami bomb & radioactive leaking issue. the pace of the city, the noise of the people, the impendence rumors of the atmosphere, the culture clash, you name it…

hand-numbered edition of 43 & hand-stamped insert, pro-dubbed labeled orange tapes in frosty polystyrene boxes with translucent paper cover.

A1. }…{   A2. Madani   A3. Purple Line
B1. Under The Cloud, Threatening Cloud   B2. 7.2   B3. Living In Train   B4. Older Brother

listen to excerpt:




Usually the cassettes reviewed in Vital Weekly are pretty standard sort of looking: box, J-card (xeroxed, printed), cassette. In that sense the current wave of cassettes doesn’t exactly reflect the 80s, when a lot more was done with packaging (milk carton, pyramids, oversized print work, sponge). These three tapes (ignoring the six month rule) hail from Indonesia and look great. Two of them in a small carton box or as the website for the first: ‘hand-numbered edition of 37, hand-stamped gold natural resin wax seal, pro-dubbed gray tapes in handmade recycled paper boxes with mixed shredded atlas map & newspaper inside’, or ‘ hand-stamped starry black natural resin wax seal, pro-dubbed kelly green tapes in handmade corrugated paper boxes with hemp rope & hidden hermit crab shells inside’ – now that’s more like it. The music, all from 2010 and 2011, is all made with a Korg MS-10, electronics and tapes. Now one could easily think that all of these sound similar given these limitations, but its not. ‘Reading’ is can be found more in an ambient/cosmic corner of the musical spectrum, as well as ‘Meturo’, but the latter has also some field recordings and is less static, more with small arpeggio’s. The ‘in between’ release of ‘In The Cave’ is on the other hand more an old fashioned industrial release, with a grittier sound and louder sustaining music. Here I was reminded of Maurizio Bianchi in his earlier, ‘Plain Truth’, years. A bit more industrial sounding, but done in a very delicate way. No harsh noise walls here, but a cold clinical mechanical sound, producing some hypnotic trance like music. Three excellent tapes – a great surprise. (FdW – Vital Weekly 804)


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