RM11: Husnaan – Recordings of Names and Misled Trains c37

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RM11: Husnaan – Recording Of Names And Misled Trains c37

a collection of crackling electronics experimentation from almost silent whispers to loud screams that have been recorded around the late of last year & early of this year.

Rocket Machine press release: Decomposing synth crackle and zap from Indonesia’s Duto Hardono. A sure-handed display of sound and space.
Recorded in real time using a Nakamichi CR-1 and a Nakamichi LX3 onto Cobalt Type II cassette.
Edition of 50

A1. Dada   A2. Film   A3. Cons   A4. Then   A5. Wife   A6. King
B1. Alps   B2. Luth   B3. Trot   B4. Neut   B5. Oral   B6. Mera

listen to track A1 & A4:




On Recording Of Names & Mislead Trains, Duto Hardono AKA Husnaan, gets caught in some brief but immediate, locked groove electronics and as the tapes progresses; a lost murky world of motionless tones and ethereal drones unfolds – pulsating through a warm analog wall of sound and breaking out into the world through the grate of a sewer cover (speaker) with a sharp, electrified skitter – not all that different to a brain-shaking reality administered through a hardcore dose of ECT.

This will please lovers of new age electronica, and noise veterans alike. 12 little ditties, floating past the senses like a brief walk around a busy, bustling, Bandung street market where everything is instantly bombarded with an abundance of noise and related imagery. Sensory overload matched with the calming sense of a hypnagogic dream. A fuzzy head, fleeting moments… all rolled into a far-too-brief 37 minute taste of the Far East. (Marc Roberts – Foxy Digitalis)


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