BANNED in Shanghai Biennale 2012!

So I just got this bad (good?) news about my collaborative work with Japanese artist Meiro koizumi in Shanghai Biennale 2012. Turns out that our romusha installation work has been taken down. It happened I guess since a few weeks back.
One of our sponsors met the inter-city pavillion curator and been told that the work is being banned by the government censorship. Wow!

I don’t know how should I feel about this.. Of course it’s kinda sad but at the other side it feels so exciting & makes me proud. I see the brighter side & can’t stop laughing, we nailed it!

If you never happen to see this work directly, this work is talking about the history & situation of Indonesia-Japan relationship, past & present. The idea is to find & film an interview a living victim who had a tragic experience of being a Romusha (meaning: forced labor, slave) during Japanese occupation in Indonesia. With editing, this person’s speech is being broke down into phonetics. Then it re-arranged so that it sounds as if this person is speaking in Japanese language, saying something like “thank you Japan for freeing us from the Whites” instead of the original bad experience stories he told us in Indonesian language, and a final installation is made with the video & other objects (a made-in-Japan Sony reel-to-reel tape player playing an excerpt of Japan national anthem looping in half speed).
No wonder it’s being banned eh?!




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