HSN04: Bin Idris – Muqadimmah c34

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HSN04: Bin Idris – Muqadimmah c34

Bin Idris is Haikal Azizi’s solo project when he’s not busy poetry-screaming & axe-shredding with his proto-metal quartet Sigmun. Went to the same art school, I barely knew him personally, until the first time we shared a stage in a show. Bin Idris is a rare love at the first sound. While Sigmun was a lucid Sabbath-esque, Bin Idris inherited a spiritual Fahey-ian ride that sometimes could be very chaotic. I remember on the show that evening, 2 of his guitar strings was broken off during a long piece set, but he didn’t stop it, otherwise he continued few other songs with only 4 strings before he finally finished the set. The raw & strange energy that always present during a Bin Idris set. Muqadimmah is his tape debut that draws those kind of energies. Recorded between 2012-2013, it consists some finest materials of his guitar shredding, banjo plucking, chiming vocalization and even some electronics doodling~the later was pretty surprising since I never found it in his live set before. One solid debut. I’m very excited with this edition & really looking forward where this project leads. ~DH

Hand-numbered edition of 33, real-time dubbed on NAC red tapes via Luxman K-112, packed in guitar string sleeves with unique guitar strings inside & classic hand-stamped silver/red natural resin wax seal. Each copy is unique ala Hasana Private Press objets d′art.

A1. Angin Dari Timur   A2. Heavy Lounge   A3. Kisah Sang Katak   A4. Perunggu
B1. Glass Pillars   B2. Angin Dari Timur (Reprise)   B3. Mirage   B4. Song For The Dying Hound



#3 on The Jakarta Globe’s Best Indie Music of 2013: Bin Idris, the solo project of heavy metal band Sigmun’s frontman Haikal Azizi, is another trip down the blues highway. Playful and experimental, this limited cassette release comfortably — if nonchalantly — blends old blues with modern electronic-infused sounds, creating something that is equally old school as it is futuristic. Its only fault is that it goes by way too fast, and feels like more like half of an amazing record. (Marcel Thee – The Jakarta Globe)


listen to samples & excerpts:


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