Project Glocal Taipei Artist Residency & Other Updates


Hey, how’s it going there?

I’m being a part of Project Glocal Taipei.

A couple words from the curatorial notes, Project Glocal is first and foremost a circumstance-engineering project to bring creative people together in a committed conversation for the purpose of expounding their relationship or their connections. Project Glocal being on residency platform right now is therefore the circumstance that was chosen for the year. And collaborative art production is what the visiting artist from Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines and local Taiwanese artists is the conversation that they are prescribed to commit. In this residency, the visiting artists are situated in conditions that are not familiar to them. It was hypothesized that unfamiliarity to the environment, situation and culture, would give them more opportunities to explore or more challenges to accomplish immersion.

So, it’s been almost a month for me living here in Taipei as part of their artist-in-residence program, and at the end of this residency program, there will be a performance from the artists. This Saturday night (March 29th), I’m having a collaborative performance with Taiwanese artist Chang Yung-Ta at Noise Kitchen, Taipei which also part of Lacking Sound Festival. So please come if you’re in the area, it’ll be fun!

And in other news, I’m having a solo show in a couple months, been busy with that lately so watch this space for any upcoming updates. Also, expect some exciting new tape editions in the upcoming weeks, you’ll love it!

until then,




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