KLAB LUCIFER, solo exhibition by Duto Hardono, Ark Galerie, Yogyakarta

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Upcoming Solo Exhibition!

Klab Lucifer

Solo Exhibition by Duto Hardono

Curated by Agung Hujatnikajennong

June 8 – July 10, 2014
Opening: June 8th, 4 p.m.
Ark Galerie
Jl. Suryodiningratan 36 A, Yogyakarta


From a religious perspective, Lucifer is the name given to the devil, a God-creature who was thrown out of heaven and dammed forever because he was the enemy of Adam, Eve and their descendants.  As such, in many dramas, novels, operas, comics and popular films today, we often encounter Lucifer as a character, creature or figure associated with evil, malevolance, sin and iniquity – the polar opposites to goodness and truth.  In this exhibition, Duto Hardono uses the concept and mythology of Lucifer as an entry point to discuss a variety of dichotomies and binary opposites, between ‘good and evil,’ ‘authentic and false,’ ‘political and apolitical,’ ‘moral and amoral,’ ‘tragedy and comedy’ and so on.  His main inspiration comes from a number of social realities, the world of art and concepts that have become overly stereotyped, and hence need to be seen and presented differently. For him, the world is filled with paradox.  Through humor, irony, parody and satire, he really wants to discover an alternative to security, essentialism and logocentrism.

This exhibition strengthens the artistic character that has become uniquely identified with Duto Hardono. The use of sound, ready-mades and found objects is still dominant in his installation work.  Other prominent aspects are his free play with signs that are laden with sarcasm.  Like a club, a place where people meet and enjoy themselves, this exhibition can be interpreted as a gathering space for signs that happily ‘rebel’, pure and cynical towards established valued, goodness and beauty. Agung Hujatnikajennong,  Exhibition curator




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