HSN05: Bin Idris / Duto Hardono – Guitars c36

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HSN05: Bin Idris / Duto Hardono – Guitars c36

Recorded sometime around December in Hardono’s living room last year, this little tape is an ode to the guitar. Bin Idris brought his usual finger picking that sometime reminds us to John Fahey’s American primitive style. On his longer track, he comes with another pretty epic guitar-raga improv. The home-recording production vibe is so obvious here. You can hear the sound of rain, thunder rambling or nearby mosque chants in the background. All those sounds became just perfect companion for his music. On Hardono’s side, he provided 3 pieces of oblique guitar playing using a prepared-electric-guitar. Hitting, punching, bending, tapping, hacking, feedbacking; treated the string instrument no longer as a conventional music instrument but as a sound object, creates some quite strange-beautiful minimal compositions that follow a path to walk thru Loren Connors’ singles into Alan Licht’s minimal top ten list.

Hand-numbered edition of 34, blue tape produced by NAC, USA, real-time dubbed using Nakamichi DR-10 & Luxman K-112, packed in handmade cassingle style sleeve with classic watercolor paint labels accompanied with random watercolor paint tube that will break during shipping. Each copy is unique ala Hasana Private Press’ objets d′art.

ATTENTION! Each mailorder copy package will include the watercolor tube covered in a piece of paper & plastic bag. The watercolor tube might be (or MUST BE) broken during shipping. DO NOT FREAK OUT! It is intended to be broken and so created an accidental painting on the piece of paper. You can frame it later if you want.


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